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The air inside your car is more polluted than the air outside!

Most cars don't have a carbon filter. The activated charcoal in our car purifier will passively remove harmful pollutants, moisture and odours from the air you breathe inside your car


Just how harmful are the fumes inside our car?

In less than 2 mins, you can learn how polluted air gets trapped in the confined space of your car, where we think the air is safer than the air outside

What's in the box?

Airbon is a passive air purifier that removes harmful pollutants, moisture and odours from the air we breathe inside our cars. The stylish wooden box is filled with activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon).

Carbon is ‘activated’ at controlled high temperatures which opens millions of pores that trap and filter impurities from the air while allowing clean air to pass through.

The micropore activated charcoal we use is made from coconut shell which is 3-4 times more effective than other types of charcoal.

And why does this matter? Because the air inside a car can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Toxic fumes can come from the car interior (dashboard, seats, mats etc) and from external sources such as exhaust fumes.

The Airbon natural purifier is 100% natural, non-toxic, recyclable, fragrance-free and safe around children and pets.

Pop your Airbon box on your dashboard and let it start working its magic. You might not think it is doing much but read on to see how much benzene was adsorbed after 4 months of using Airbon. How long it lasts for depends on the age of your car, climate, traffic conditions, urban/rural driving, your cabin filter and whether you allow smoking in your car. After 4-6 months, simply replace with a new Airbon box - so much cheaper than paying for a charcoal cabin filter plus the cost of fitting!


The activated charcoal in our car purifier is super adsorbent, picking up 978ppm of benzene after 4 months use.

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