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Airbon vs Air Fresheners

Air fresheners will mask odours rather than remove them. In order to do this, they release a number of chemicals in the air but what impact do these chemicals have on our health and well-being?

The average air freshener can have hundreds of chemical compounds that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air we breathe. Long term exposure to some of these chemicals can have a detrimental effect on our health. One study found that the average air freshener has around 25 chemical compounds that are toxic in large quantities or if inhaled over a long period of time.

We searched online for car air fresheners with a large, well known, store and came across a household name product designed for cars made by an established pharmaceutical company. It has fantastic reviews, people love the scents and gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars - high praise indeed!

Also available, for those who choose to read it, is a safety data sheet which identifies various hazards (see image). While this may not affect the majority of us, do we really want to be breathing this in a closed confined space such as a car? And this last listing is not something that affects us but rather it acknowledges that it can cause chronic harm to aquatic and marine life if not responsibly disposed. Makes you think about potential long-term health of you and your family (or pets) for a short-term pleasurable scent.

Now this doesn't mean that other scented products are harmless if there isn't a safety data sheet. There isn't a legal obligation to provide this nor are manufacturers legally obliged to list all the ingredients inside an air freshener. By air fresheners, we are not just referring to the aerosol variety, but any scented product designed to mask odours. This includes diffusers, scented candles, plug-in scents and the cardboard scents hung in cars.

Most times, it isn’t a synthetic scent we are after but rather a cleaner/fresher air to breathe. Airbon is natural, non-toxic, recyclable and safe around pets and children. The activated charcoal in each Airbon product specially treated to create micro pores in up to 90% of the surface area. The smaller the pore, the more effective it is in trapping and adsorbing toxins and odours. And what’s more, there is no effort involved. Simply remove the vacuum packaging and let it work its magic.


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