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Monitor the air you and your family are breathing?

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Measures PM1, PM2.5 and PM10

  • Particle counter for ultra-fine down to PM0.3

  • Industrial grade CO2 sensor


Use it at home, work, in your car or on the move



Why is it important to monitor the air?

We spend 90% of our time indoors breathing air up to 5 times worse than the air outside. By knowing the air you breathe, you can make your home a safe and comfortable space. The data on your monitor can help you decide when to turn your air purifier on and when to ventilate by opening your windows.


Toxins are often odourless and invisible so by monitoring the air quality, you can be confident in the air you and your family are breathing. ​


While it is acknowledged that PM2.5 has a huge impact on our health, it is now known that Fine (PM1) and Ultrafine (PM0.1) can go even further into the bloodstream. Current (outdated) guidelines only go down to PM2.5

The largest single source of PM2.5 pollution can be found in smoke from wood burners. It can also be emitted from traffic fumes and gas boilers. PM2.5 can enter the lungs 

This includes larger particles such as pollen, dust from roadside and sea salt (not the granules, but the aerosols that you can’t see but can smell). PM10 can cause eye and throat irritation

High CO2 levels can affect your concentration. Also, indoors transmission of COVID is increasingly linked to CO2 levels. Ventilate - open windows and/or doors when levels are high

New paint, furnishing, fumes or odours? If TVOC levels are high, run the extractor fan or your air purifier with HEPA and CARBON filters

A temperature of 19°C  to 24°C (66°F to 75°F) helps you to prevent the drying of your nasal passage, so that you are less susceptible to viruses.

Want to prevent damp or mould? Ensure relative humidity levels are between 40-60. Any higher, run your air purifier or humidistat/dehumidifier


View the data on your phone or laptop - any time, any place!

Download our app for real-time, user-friendly data, any time, any place using your phone or computer. The app gives you 30 days of rolling data enabling you to view trends on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

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