Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Indoor Air Quality Monitor


Pre-order now for delivery in September and we will reward the first 200 customers with a FREE outdoor monitor*. See pre-order information below for more details on this offer...

  • Know the air you breathe

    We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet how can we be sure we are breathing clean air when research shows the air indoors is up to 5 times worse than the air outdoors?


    We know that air pollution leads to health issues (cardiovascular, respiratory diseases and lung cancer etc.) but it’s not just the particles in the air we need to worry about. Ventilation is a key government strategy to reduce the spread of COVID indoors and scientific advice is increasingly linking CO2 levels to the risk of viral transmissions. An air quality monitor lets you know how clean the air is you are breathing.

  • Pre-order deal*

    * If you pre-order the air quality monitor now, it will be delivered in September 2021. The first 200 orders will receive a free outdoor monitor for real-time, hyper-local data from right outside your front door. Click here for our Pre-ordering Terms & Conditions.


    We believe every home and business should have at least one indoor air quality monitor linked to a hyper-local outdoor monitor for a more accurate AQI reading. This freebie is our way of rewarding our early adopters 😊.