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About us

I started Airbon to raise awareness of the air we breathe indoors. My journey started many years ago.


My children always hated the smell of our car, it would make them feel sick. We hung air fresheners, opened the window, put the aircon on but we never really understood what they could smell as it didn’t seem to affect anyone else. It went beyond the ‘new car smell’ when 10 years later, they continued to grumble when entering the car. 

Scroll forwards to some years later when we purchased a listed building that needed renovation. The building lay empty for 7 years and suffered from damp due to lack of air movement and blocked air vents/chimneys. My research took me down a rabbit hole of products, solutions, guidance, regulations and more. It was here that I began to read up on activated charcoal and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) not just in homes, but also in cars. The penny dropped! All those years ago, my children could feel the poor air quality in my car, especially when it was new and off-gassing. 

Their time in the car with me now is few and far between. Instead, riding shotgun, is Benji, a rescue dog whose lingering smell is definitely more pronounced both in the car and at home.

Airbon, a stylish in-car product designed to clean the air and to naturally adsorb toxins, odours and moisture was born. We are also thrilled to be the UK distributor for The Sqair     which is the world's most cost-effective air purifier.

If you would like to learn more about IAQ and Activated Charcoal, you may be interested in the following links:



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