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Airbon car purifier

The Airbon car purifier is a passive air purifier that removes harmful pollutants, moisture and odours from the air we breathe inside our cars. The stylish wooden box is filled with activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon).

The carbon is ‘activated’ at controlled high temperatures to opens millions of pores that trap and filter impurities from the air, while allowing clean air to pass through. The micropore activated charcoal we use is made from coconut shell which is 3-4 times more effective than other types of charcoal. 

And why does this matter? 

Because in the UK, the average driver spends 456 hours behind the wheel every year - breathing air inside their car that is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside.

Inside this confined space, we inhale particulate matter (PM) and chemical matter in the form of voluntary organic compounds (VOCs). 


The filter in our air conditioner should take care of this, right?


Most cabin air filters primarily focus on trapping PM, some better than others with HEPA filters, but they need replacing regularly and this can be costly.


With up to 540,000 litres of air entering the cabin every hour it is driven, a ‘standard’ air filter is not enough to clean the air. Shouldn't the pollutants in the air we breathe be checked as regularly as the pollutants in our oil tank? We think it should, but even if you service your car annually, replacing your cabin filter can be an expensive 'optional extra'. Clean air should never be an optional check box!  

Clean air is not only crucial for good health, it can also improve your mood and your driving. How do we ensure the air inside our car is safe? By replacing our cabin air filter annually. But if you don't have a cabin air filter with Activated Charcoal, Airbon is an economical alternative. Made from recycled wood, it contains just one ingredient - activated charcoal made from coconuts.


Activated Charcoal removes toxins and odours creating clean, healthy air for you and your family. Don't just take our word for it...

Pop your Airbon box on your dashboard and let it start working its magic. It will be effective for 4-6 months. How long it lasts for depends on the age of your car, climate, traffic conditions, urban/rural driving, your cabin filter and whether you allow smoking in your car. After 4-6 months, simply replace with a new Airbon box - so much cheaper than paying for a charcoal cabin filter plus the cost of fitting!


Airbon is designed for cars but can also be used in small enclosed spaces such as lockers, larders, wardrobes and bread bins. 

Check out our video for a snappy summery of this page.

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