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The myths surrounding Activated Charcoal

When we started this journey, we found a lot of bags made with activated charcoal bags from bamboo. Generally, we saw these listed with a shelf life of 2 years if it is reactivated in the sun once a month. Sounds great doesn’t it?

The good news is that activated charcoal can, indeed, be reactivated to remove the adsorbed toxins. However, this process takes place at temperatures above 600 degrees Celsius or through chemical activation. This means that the heat from a sunny day or from a domestic oven will not be enough. During reactivation, the chemicals are highly toxic, so this process needs to take place in a sealed chamber. Companies like CPL (Wigan) offer a reactivation service on an industrial scale for commercial use.

If these claims that toxins adsorbed by activated charcoal can be released by the sun are true, then the activated carbon bags in a car parked in the sun would be constantly adsorbing, releasing, adsorbing, releasing ad infinitum.

We only use virgin activated charcoal in our products, ie it has not been previously used and reactivated.

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