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CO2 monitor

  • Non-dispersive Infra-red (NDIR) CO2 sensor

  • Updates every 5 seconds

  • Colour coded display

  • USB "Plug & Play" solution

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 10+ years life expectancy


Ideal for use in education, healthcare and offices


What's the big deal about CO2?

It has long been recognised that high levels of CO2 impacts concentration, performance and can make you drowsy. More recently, with COVID being airborne, ventilation has become a key tool to reducing indoor viral transmissions. Measuring indoor CO2 levels lets you know when more ventilation is needed to dilute your indoor air. The higher the CO2 level, the higher the risk of indoor transmission.


You should already have some form of fresh air movement, either through windows, air bricks, MVHR or HVAC system. A CO2 monitor in each room can alert you when more fresh air is needed...


Vision CO2 Monitor

What’s included:

  • CO2 Monitor

  • Anti-tamper Wall Bracket

  • USB Mains Adapter

  • 2m USB Cable


  • Standard (mm):

    • H:84 x W:84 x D:34

  • With bracket (mm):

    • H:84 x W:88 x D:40

View historic data with the Vision app

The Vision is a plug and play monitor which means that the display will tell you the data at any given time. There is an app that can be downloaded to give you access to controlling the monitor and 30 days historic data. This app (and any support) can be found on the manufacturer's website: Vision CO2 app

Free windows app

  • Multicoloured setting configuration

  • 30-day historical data can be viewed

  • Temp & RH Readings can be disabled

  • Manual Calibration

Know the air you breathe...

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