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The Sqair is one of the most powerful air purifiers in its class!

Here's what the Sqair air purifier can do for an average
12m² bedroom (3m x 4m):

  • Cleans the air in just 5 mins

  • Gives you 12 air changes per hour

Click on the calculator to find out how much clean air you will get in your space


The Sqair HEPA air purifier captures pollution down to the size of nanoparticles. This means it can capture airborne bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, pet dander and more.

The Sqair Chemical Warfare also has activated charcoal granules which trap gases including smoke, traffic and chemical fumes from sprays, paint and new furniture.


Why choose the Sqair HEPA air purifier, our standard powerhouse?

HEPA filters of all grades will capture virtually 100% of particles down to nanoparticles (0.005). The grades are based on the ability to capture 0.3 only which is the hardest size to capture (more details on how this works in our blogs). You should choose the Sqair HEPA if:


  • you are asthmatic

  • you suffer from hayfever

  • you are worried about indoor transmission of viruses

  • you live near a busy road or your neighbours burn wood (high particulate pollution)


Why choose the Sqair Chemical Warfare with both HEPA and Carbon filters

Not everyone will need a carbon filter so we let air breathers choose. Choose Sqair Chemical Warfare if:


  • your home is newly decorated (paint, new furnishing, new floorboards)

  • you live near a busy road

  • you are affected by neighbouring wood smoke

Including a carbon filter will reduce the clean air delivery rate but as the Sqair fan is incredibly powerful, the reduction is about 11% of airflow

Three things you should know about the Sqair


On high, it sounds like soft rainfall similar to White Noise that some people use to help sleep. On low, it is whisper quiet at 23db


The last word on the Sqair...


Airbon is the UK distributor of the Sqair air purifier, manufactured by Smart Air Filters, a social enterprise and certified B Corp. Smart Air reinvests 100% of profits into helping people protect themselves from the harms of air pollution. The Sqair gives you far more clean air at a fraction of the cost of other purifiers.

How did they do this? They cut out the fancy marketing gimmicks such as ionisers and photocatalytic filters that science shows can actually make your air worse. The Sqair was designed for performance, not marketing ploys. The Sqair is data-backed and is excellent at one thing: cleaning air. And it does that better than its competition.

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