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How long will delivery take?

All orders are processed within 1-2 business days. Delivery for The Sqair purifier is 2 working days with DPD and the filters are delivered via Royal Mail 48.

What is the delivery cost?

In the UK, there is a flat delivery rate for Royal Mail 48 for the filters of £4.00. Delivery is free for all orders over £99.

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What is the difference between Activated Charcoal and Activated Carbon?

There is no difference – activated carbon is the term more commonly used in the commercial sector.

What Is the Lifespan of the Carbon Filters?

It’s very difficult to give a single number for the lifespan of carbon filters, as it depends greatly on the VOC levels inside your home. These vary greatly between different homes. For example, in homes that have recently been renovated or have new furniture, the VOC concentrations will typically be higher than those that have not. That’s why we recommend determining when to change your carbon filter based on your individual situation – you can perform a carbon filter ‘smell test’ by taking your carbon filter out and smelling it every 1-2 weeks. If it gives off a metallic or acidic smell, then this means it is saturated with VOCs and ready to change. We don’t recommend trying to clean the carbon filters, unless there are large dust particles or pet hair on it.

What are volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are common chemical compounds that evaporate into gasses at room temperature, compromising air quality of the air we breathe. A large majority of VOCs are from manmade chemicals used in the manufacture of typical household products . You will benefit from a charcoal filter if: you have recently repainted or renovated your home; you smoke or have other odours in your home; you live a heavily polluted area.

It is normal to receive a carbon filter with broken carbon parts?

The carbon filter is filled with granulated activated carbon. During the delivery process, shaking and friction during transportation may produce some activated carbon powders. Simply remove them just gently shaking the carbon filter, and carbon powder will not appear during subsequent use.

Can the carbon filter be reconsituted in the sun?

No, we have not found any data or research that confirms that the toxins can be released in temperatures under 600 degrees celsius which can only be carried out in industrial plants. To prolong the filter’s lifespan, avoid placing the filter in a moist environment. See above question on the lifespan of your carbon filter

How much charcoal is in the filter?

The Sqair carbon filter has 140g of granulated activated charcoal.

What is the difference between the regular Sqair and the Chemical Warfare Sqair?

The Sqair standard comes with a HEPA filter but The Sqair Chemical Warfare comes with both HEPA and Carbon filter. Not all everyone needs a carbon filter so we let air breathers choose. If you have recently repainted/refurbished, installed new furniture/flooring, you smoke or live in a polluted area, then you need a carbon filter to adsorb the chemicals in the air. The Sqair has been designed to the either filter or both. New furniture/flooring can take up to two years to off-gas so you may choose to have carbon filters for this time (remember to replace regularly).

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Can I use an air purifier and air humidifier at the same time?

Of course! Air purifiers clean your air while air humidifiers moisten it. They do not cancel each other out! However, tests have shown that humidifiers will falsely inflate the readings on air quality monitors, so if you’re testing your air, that will mess up the readings. Check out those tests here:

Can the filters be washed?

Smart Air Filters conducted tests using 4 used HEPA filters and found that washing the filters reduces its effectiveness. According to the data, we should never wash our HEPA filters. You can check out the data here:

Will The Sqair produce ozone or other harmful gases?

The HEPA filter for PM2.5 and the activated carbon filter for harmful gases are both physically adsorbed. This means that the process does not produce ozone or any harmful chemicals.

Why not choose a higher-grade filter?

A common misunderstanding is that a higher purification effectiveness is better. In actual fact, a HEPA filter has to be assessed for its ability to capture particles AND block wind. We analysed the performance of over 30 different filter types (10,000+ hours of test data) before selecting the H11 filter for The Sqair. Why? When we tested The Sqair with the H12 filter, the airflow was lower so although the H12 captured more particles in the first pass, the H11 gave 27% more clean air overall. Put simply, the higher the HEPA grade, the greater the sacrifice in airflow resulting in less air changes per hour. Our data showed the H11 captured 95% in a single pass and 99.75% in the second pass. When matched with the fan power of The Sqair, the H11 was selected as the most efficient grade filter to clean the air. Note that HEPA filters won’t remove gases in the form of Voluntary Organic Compounds (VOCs). For this, you will need an additional activated charcoal filter which can be purchased separately or save money with The Sqair (Chemical Warfare) purifier.

Is the HEPA filter made from fibreglass?

Data shows that glass fibre filters can shed more fibres than synthetic filters, while the number of particles shed by both types of filter is very small, Smart Air chooses to use synthetic fibres to lower the risk. Smart Air uses PP+PET material in all our HEPA filters.

Can the HEPA filter be recycled?

We really wish it could be recycled but at the moment it is not possible. If you have any creative ideas or suggestions on how we can do so, let us know! Smart Air uses PP+PET material in all their HEPA filters.

What is the lifespan of The Sqair air purifier?

The lifespan of an air purifier is not to be confused with the lifespan of the HEPA and carbon filters. Our air purifiers are incredibly simple; a fan and a filter. This simplicity doesn’t just make Smart Air’s purifiers more efficient and cheaper, the it also means they last a long time. The only mechanical item in the purifiers is the motor. We run tests on all our purifier motors, and they’re proven to run for at least 10,000 hours. That’s a minimum number, and means the purifiers would run a minimum of 4-5 years if running them for 6 hours per day. Typically, the motors last much longer. We’ve seen Smart Air purifiers in use 7 years after they were purchased.

What is the CADR of The Sqair and room coverage on each setting?

On level 1, the CADR is 65m³/h, suitable for 15m²
On level 2, the CADR is 180m³/h, suitable for 22m²
On level 3, the CADR is 315m³/h, suitable for 40m²

How much noise does The Sqair produce on each setting?

On level 1, the volume level is at 23dB — very quiet, comparative to a night in the village.
On level 2, the volume level is at 43dB — relatively quiet, comparative to being in the library or in an office.
On level 3, the volume is at 52dB — comparative to a regular speaking volume or as the sound of the washing machine running in the next room. At 52dB, the Sqair still much quieter than the highest level of other air purifiers.

Can I purchase the standard HEPA version and add a carbon filter at a later date if I need to?

Yes, no problem. The Sqair has been designed to work on just the HEPA filter, the Carbon Filter or both so completely interchangeable depending on your needs. The more filters you use, the more resistance in the airflow plus you will need to factor in the filter replacements. This is why we leave you to choose what you need, when you need it: General everyday use - The Sqair (HEPA) purifier Exposed to toxins (repainting, new furniture/flooring, odours, polluted location), then The Sqair (Chemical Warfare) purifier gives you both HEPA and Carbon filters Particularly smelly room - run the purifier with just the carbon filter We recommend to keep the carbon filter in the purifier until the carbons are spent and then don't replace the carbon filter if you no longer need it. New flooring and furniture can offgas for up to two years. If you choose to only run the carbon purifier for a week and then hold it for another time, please be aware that unless the filter is vacuum sealed, the carbon will still be adsorbing toxins but at a slower pace with no air movement.

Why is there no pre-filter in The Sqair?

We ran a series of tests and found that adding a pre-filter will reduce the CADR. Additionally, if the pre-filter is not replaced periodically, it may cause the purifier to be louder and reduce the effectiveness. For this reason, we chose not to include a pre-filter in The Sqair.

Why is The Sqair designed to have air move in from the bottom and out from the top?

We put a lot of thought into the design of The Sqair and how to get the most effective clean air. Assuming The Sqair is not right up against a wall, it can take in air from 360 degrees. With the blowing out from the top, it acts like a fan to promote airflow in the room, so that the indoor air can be cleaned more efficiently. Also in COVID times, it is important that the air is not pointing towards people's faces. Adding the wooden legs checks a number of boxes. It adds to the scandinavian feel, reduces noise and vibrations and is designed to keep a 10cm distance from the ground, to allow the maximum air intake.

Does The Sqair need assembling?

The Sqair needs minimal assembling but it should take more than 5 minutes. Screw the legs on, take the filters out and remove all packaging before putting it back inside. Insert the detachable cord and you are good to go.

Can The Sqair be run continuously?

It can but we recommend that you only put it on when you are in at home. The longer you run the purifier, the more frequentlty you need to replace the filter. In a 40m2 room, it takes only 25 mins to clean the air on top setting after which you can reduce the setting to your normal level. In a bedroom that is 12m2, it only takes 5 minutes so the filter will last longer if you only use it when you need to.

Can The Sqair be used with a WiFi plug to turn ON/OFF remotely?

If you wish to control any of your Smart Air purifiers using WiFi, you can purchase a WiFi plug and attach it to the power cable of the air purifier. The purifier can then be turned on/off remotely, however you will not be able to control the speed of the purifier as it is a mechanical dial and will remain in the last used setting.

How long does The Sqair’s HEPA filter last?

Our HEPA filters have been tested to last 1400 hours. Please note that the filter lifespan is dependent on pollution levels of your area, how frequently you run it and at what setting. This test was carried out in Beijing on the highest setting so if you live in a less polluted area and run your purifier on a lower setting, the filter will last you much longer.