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Sqair Carbon filter - EU only
  • Sqair Carbon filter - EU only

    A Carbon filter will capture gases/Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde and benzene which can be found in homes.


    But not all homes have dangerous levels of harmful gases or VOCs which is why we leave you to choose when you need this.




    This is the EU order page for the Sqair HEPA filter and excludes UK tax. If you are looking for a UK delivery, please visit


    You will be required to pay EU tax (and possibly customs) on arrival. See Delivery tab below for more information.


    For delivery of Smart Air purifiers to EU countries, please email

    • You will benefit from a Carbon/Activated Charcoal filter if: you have recently repainted or renovated your home with new floorboards or new furnishing; you smoke or there are other offensive odours in your home; your neighbours burn wood frequently; you live a heavily polluted area.


      Activated charcoal is the perfect purifier with well-developed pore structure and a huge surface area in which to capture and retain toxins. When polluted air passes through the charcoal filter, harmful gases such as formaldehyde are adsorbed into the pores and will only be released in temperatures off 600+ degrees Celsius.


      The lifespan of the charcoal filter is variable as it is dependent on the quantity of VOCs adsorbed in your space. One way to find out when to change your charcoal filter is to carry out a ‘smell test’. You can do this after 3 months of use, by taking your charcoal filter out every 1-2 weeks and smelling it. If it gives off a metallic or acidic smell, then this means it is saturated with VOCs and it is time to replace it.


      The Sqair air purifier works with either HEPA or Activated Charcoal filter, or both. If you purchased The Sqair Chemical Warfare and you no longer need a charcoal filter, it can be used with just the HEPA filter.

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