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SA600 Pre-Filter - EU Only

SA600 Pre-Filter - EU Only

Excluding Sales Tax

Why do I need a pre-filter?

A pre-filter’s purpose is to capture larger particles like dust and hair, preventing them from clogging the HEPA filter.


Of course, HEPA filters have no problem capturing these large particles, so the pre-filter will NOT increase the effectiveness of the purifier. Instead, the idea is that it should increase the lifespan of the HEPA. 


Can I wash a pre-filter?

The great thing about pre-filters is they can be washed and cleaned periodically, unlike HEPA filters. Make sure it is fully dry before inserting back into the air purifier. Purchasing a spare pre-filter means there is no wait time so when one is being washed, you can use the other.




This is the EU order page for the SA600 Pre-filter and excludes UK tax. If you are looking for a UK delivery, please visit


You will be required to pay EU tax (and possibly customs) on arrival. See Delivery tab below for more information.


For delivery of Smart Air purifiers to EU countries, please email

We use Royal Mail International for our EU deliveries which can take anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on customs. All orders received before 11am (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched on the same day. The delivery charge to the EU is £15.00 for 2kg.


This product excludes UK sales tax but you will be required to pay EU tax (and possibly customs) on arrival. The customs is 0% for this product in the UK - while we assume it is the same for EU countries, you should check this before ordering. The customs export code is 8421392590.


Smart Air UK can distribute our smaller items to the EU on a temporary basis until a distributor is in place. We offer a 1 year UK warranty on manufacturer faults but you will bear the cost of returns in all situations including changing your mind.

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