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SA600 Air Purifier: 5-speed (new)
  • SA600 Air Purifier: 5-speed (new)

    SKU: SAF-SA600-5s

    The SA600 original 3-speed version is also available. There is no difference to the clean air performance. See FAQ for more details on the upgrade.


    In just 16 minutes, the SA-600 cleans all the air in a 55 sq m (590 sq ft) area, removing viruses, PM2.5, allergens, odours, gases, and more. Includes: 2 HEPA filters, 2 carbon filters, and 2 pre-filters.

    • Your Purchase Includes 1 × SA600 air purifier, 2 × HEPA filters, 2 x carbon filters*, 2 x pre-filters, 1 × Smart Air handbook
      Colour Matte White
      Dimensions L × W × H (cm) 35.0 × 23.2 × 51.0
      CADR, HEPA (m3/h) 125 - 180 - 240 - 320 - 500
      CADR, HEPA + Carbon (m3/h) 130 – 245 – 470 (low – med – high)*
      Room Coverage, HEPA + Carbon (m2) 15 – 30 – 55 (low – med – high)*
      Noise (dB) 24 - 31 - 39 - 43 - 53
      HEPA Lifespan  12 months (3100 hrs, running 8 hrs per day)
      Power Consumption (W) 24 - 31 - 39 - 43 - 53
      Power Supply 120 – 220V/50-60Hz, Plug type: UK plug
      Safety Certifications  CE Certified (LVD/EMC/RoHS) | CQC | GB/T 18801-2015 Certified
      Recommended Room Size Up to 55 m2 (590 sq ft2)
      Product Manual Click to view the SA600 manual

      * The SA600 is sold with both HEPA & Carbon filters but you can run the purifier with just the HEPA filters only

    • Why are there different lifespans listed for filters?

      The lifespan of a filter is based on the pollution levels. Filter replacement lights are usually based on polluted countries like China but the air in the UK is vastly different. This is exactly we are not a fan of filter lights, they are great in polluted countries but in the UK, it can result in you changing the filter much earlier than necessary. We have created a filter replacement calculator to give you a rough idea of when you need to change your filter but it has caveats: It is based on running the purifier at top speed only (good news is that the filter can last even longer on slower speeds) and is based on countrywide averages. As the air in London is very different to the air in the Scottish Highlands, this calculator should be used as a guideline only.

      Why does the filter replacement light go off early?

      This light is a ‘filter check’ light rather than a filter replacement light and is designed to go off after 1,045 hours. In some countries (such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc.) where the pollution tends to be quite high, 1,045 hours will be enough to replace the filters. In the UK, it is 4,800 hours – more than 4 times longer. If you choose to use the filter replacement light, you might want to put a sticker on the filter with the numbers 1-4. Each time the filter light goes off, you can check off one of the numbers so by the time it goes off after the 5th time, you should change the filter. Alternatively, you can set up an email reminder:

      Why are there two separate HEPA filters/ dual outlets for the SA600 rather than 1 thicker filter/ outlet (like the Blast)?

      The advantage of double-sided air intake is that the air intake volume is larger, so the motor has low speed and low noise but sufficient air volume. This way, it saves energy and power.

      Can you wash the SA600 pre-filter?

      Yes, the pre-filters are designed to be washed when clogged, just remember to dry it fully before putting it back. Some people vacuum instead but please be sure to use a sealed, bagged, HEPA vacuum otherwise you will just be blowing the caught particles back into the air again. The pre-filter collects larger particles and increases the lifespan of the HEPA (which can’t be washed/vacuumed). The frequency necessary for washing the pre-filter will depend on your situation. With pets or in a dusty environment, you may need to do this monthly.

      Can I run this as a HEPA only unit?

      Yes, some countries prefer this as a HEPA only unit. In the UK, we sell this with HEPA and Carbon but you can choose to remove the carbon filter or just not replace it.

      Why is your CADR listed as 500m3/hr when this is for HEPA only?

      Customers can choose to remove the carbon filter if they have no need for it, this will increase the CADR from 470m3/hr to 500m3/hr.

      Will CADR increase if we remove the pre-filter from the SA600?

      Only slightly. Centrifugal fans give you a certain airflow, so the CADR might increase just slightly (approximately 1%) but remember that the pre-filter is there to protect the HEPA.

      Why doesn’t the SA600 have a built-in air quality monitor?

      Just like all our purifiers, we’ve taken the conscious decision not to put an air quality monitor in the SA600. The reasons for this are described in this article. We still recommend a standalone air quality monitor that can be moved around independently of the air purifier.

      Does the SA600 have I/O and level memory?

      Yes. If the power is switched off, the SA600 will automatically turn on and run at the same level once the power supply resumes.


      How do the buttons for visually impaired people work on the SA600? Is it Braille?

      It’s not Braille. We are considering including a card brochure in future batches that has two or three lines of braille telling people to listen to the instruction manual online. However, the two raised sections on the air purifier control board work like the raised sections on the J and F keys on your keyboard (check out your laptop keyboard now!). These help those who are hard of sight identify certain buttons, and feel their way around.


      Can this be wall-mounted?

      The SA600 can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally by fixing the smallest side of the purifier (depth) to the wall leaving the dual outlets clear. There are no fixing brackets included but if you look under the handles on either side, there are two screw holes on the upper surface. There are also two holes on the base of the purifier. Fixing horizontally may make it easier to operate the buttons.

      Why do I need to push the button twice to change the speed or switch the purifier off?

      The SA600 has an auto-dimming feature which switches on after a few minutes. The first time you push the button, you light up the panel, then you can make changes to the speed. The auto-dimming feature helps preserve electricity and is also useful at night if you use the SA600 in your bedroom.

      How do I change the speed setting and why aren’t there 5 light bars?

      In order to make this a quick change in response to feedback, there has been no change to the case, the filter, the control panels etc. The only change has been to the circuit board. 

      How do I change the light setting?

      The default setting for the 5 speed version is to dim the lights after 30 seconds. If you wish to have the lights constantly on, you can do so by long-pressing the 'fan speed' button for 5+ seconds. After this, all the lights will flash once to indicate the change has taken effect and the lights will remain on constantly.

      Why these changes?

      We received feedback from users saying that 3 speeds were limiting - speed 5 was either too noisy or speed 1 airflow is not enough, so we added two new speeds in between. Some customers wanted the lights on all the time so they knew it was switched on, others wanted it in their bedroom without the lights distracting them.

      Can existing 3-speed SA600s be upgraded to 5-speed?

      Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade existing SA600s. That is why we have reduced the price of 3-speed SA600.

      Why has the filter order changed?

      The pre-filter > carbon > HEPA order was made based on additional feedback and aligns the SA600 with the order of filters in all our other purifiers. You can make this change yourself to the 3-speed version.

      Are you phasing out the 3-speed version?

      Yes, once stock runs out, we will no longer stock the 3-speed version



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