Square Airbon Natural Purifier

Square Airbon Natural Purifier


This product contains 50g of activated charcoal from coconut shells. This quantity of activated charcoal is perfect for cars and can be stuck to your dashboard using minimal pressure with the velcro provided.

Airbon will work passively to clear the air of odours and fumes from emissions and the synthetic interior of your car.

It is non-toxic so safe around pets and children.

The activated charcoal will eventually become full of adsorbed impurities after which it will no longer be effective. We recommend that this product is replaced every 4-6 months.

Colour: Luxury Wood

    The box is made from compressed wood from sawdust, using a water-based adhesive. It contains 50g of micropore activated charcoal made from coconut shell, which is 3-4 times more effective at cleaning air than other types of activated charcoal.

    The micropores in our activated charcoal has a surface area of 1000m² + per gram. Put simply, 3g of activated charcoal has the surface area of a football field!

    With 50g of activated charcoal in each box, it has a lot of surface area in which to trap, and retain, airborne toxins.


    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way, please return the product (with the polywrap intact) for a full refund


    Delivery is via Royal Mail second class