DIY air purifiers - Smart Air (part 3 of 3)

Since Airbon became the UK distributor for Smart Air purifiers, we have been looking at ways to how we can take their DIY air purifier and make it work for the UK market. When we shipped over the Sqair, we also ordered a couple of boxes of the HEPA12 filters which they used on their DIY model.

As discussed in the previous article, the issue in the UK was finding a low cost solution for a powerful fan with a HEPA filter.

We had success building the Corsi-Rosenthal model but now that we had sourced a powerful fan, was there a possibility the original Smart Air option would work? The answer is yes!

For this experiment, we purchased the Senelux 12" gym fan which came ready assembled. We removed the legs, cut the box it came down to a snug fit and then cut two holes in the front and back that were just slightly smaller than the size of the blades (in this case, 11"). We then put the legs back on, placed the HEPA filter on top and then taped around the box and the filter ensuring there were no air leakages from the side.

Original Smart Air DIY fan

12" high velocity floor fan

Box around the fan with filter on top

Fan tilts forward or upward