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Have clean air? Shout it out!

If you are a business, you might want to let your customers / employees know what steps you have taken to clean the air indoors.

It doesn't have to be about having a portable air purifier. It could be that you open the window several times a day or you know that your mechanical HVAC system provides 4 air changes per hour. Letting people know what actions you are taking to lower the risk of transmission indoors will make them feel more comfortable in your environment.

Here is an example at John Eastwood Hospice where several Blast air purifiers are in place:

Our Clean Air Zone A4 poster is available for downloading.

Laminate it and put it near your purifier. Take photos and post it online (tag us @airbonpurifier, we love Clean Air Zones).

The white box is for for you to add what you want, it could be your company name, or maybe the number of air changes an hour.


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