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Can one air purifier clean an entire apartment?

The manufacturers of our air purifiers, Smart Air, put this to the test in a large apartment around 134m2 (1,442ft2) using a Blast Maxi (890 cubic meters of clean air per hour).

The aim was to see how effective the air purifier (placed in the hallway and the living room) was at cleaning the air in two bedrooms. In order to simulate real conditions, one bedroom had the door open and the other was closed. Air quality monitors were installed in both bedrooms and the test was run from 7pm to 7am over 9 days.

Test: One: Blast Maxi in central hallway

Over 9 tests, the Blast Maxi reduced PM2.5 in both the bedrooms but the open room had 18% larger reductions.

Test Two: Blast Maxi in the living room

When the Blast Maxi was in the living room, it was a long way from the two bedrooms (around 10-12m/30-35ft away). Despite the enormous distance (and two turns around the hallway), the Blast Maxi was still able to clean both bedrooms fairly well.

The bottom line is that the Blast Maxi was able to reduce PM2.5 pollution, even when it was positioned outside of the bedrooms and the door was closed.

There is a lot of test data on the Smart Air website but here are the highlights of other real world tests carried out using our air purifiers:

  • 15 mins after the air purifier is turned off, the air is 50% as dirty as it was before and after 80 minutes, the air is just as dirty as it was before before turning the purifier on. This bounceback is unavoidable because outdoor air will always drift in. Read more...

  • The purifier can be placed anywhere in the room, not just next to your bed, as the difference is miniscule. However our tests show that when the purifier was flat against the wall, the airflow was only about 5%! Moving the air purifier 4cm from the wall increased the airflow from 5% to 94%. At 10cm from the wall, airflow was back up to 100% it’s normal value. Read more...

Source: Smart Air - full text including test data


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