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Calculators to help you choose an air purifier

Note Published Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADRs) are for 'high' settings rather than low, which most of us use due to noise levels. We provide The Sqair figures for all 3 settings, see below.


Air Change per Hour (ACH)

RESULT ONE: Volume of clean air for each £ spent


RESULT TWO: No of Air Changes per Hour (ACH)


RESULT THREE: How long it takes to clean the air

NB: If you have 3 CADR numbers for Dust, Pollen & Smoke, use Smoke

Cost effectiveness calculator for air purifiers


Compare up to 3 purifiers to find out what volume of clean air you get for every £ spent. This 'cost-effectiveness' calculator lets you see the true cost of clean air. 

NB: If you have 3 CADR numbers for Dust, Pollen & Smoke, use Smoke. We use a baseline coverage area of 15m3


By putting all our energy into a powerful fan and great filter, our purifiers not only pack a punch, it allows us to keep the costs down ensuring that price is not a barrier to clean air.

We are transparent with our data. If you run any purifier on low, you will get less volume of clean air and less air changes an hour. We recommend selecting a higher CADR than you need for your room size to give you peace of mind when running on low. TIP: Use the ACH calculator to see how long it takes to clean the air,. Run the purifier on high for this time to clean the air, then turn it down to a lower setting.

How schools and businesses can achieve 5 air changes per hour

You might not want to run your purifier on high during class time so check our Clean Air Delivery Rates for all settings

Working out your ventilation:

  • GOOD VENTILATION (An ACH of 3 is the minimum air exchange rate schools should be designed for. Newer schools may achieve this)

  • TYPICAL VENTILATION (An ACH of 1.5 is the average value for many schools, based on research studies. If you don't know, choose this)

  • LOW VENTILATION (ACH 1 - Select this if your school has poor ventilation)


The Sqair™

CADR (m3/h): 65 – 180 – 315 (low – mid – high)

Coverage (m2): 15 – 22 – 40m2 (low – mid – high)

Noise levels (db): 23 – 43 – 52 (low – mid – high)


Blast™ Maxi

CADR (m3/h): 507 – 680 – 890 (low – mid – high)

Coverage m2): 74 – 99 – 130m2 (low – mid – high)

Noise levels (db): 38 – 43 – 48  (low – mid – high)


Blast™ Mini

CADR (m3/h): 340 – 450 – 585 (low – mid – high)

Coverage (m2): 48 – 63 – 85m2 (low – mid – high)

Noise levels (db): 43 – 48 – 52 (low – mid – high)

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