Need an air purifier for a busy public space?

The Blast and the Blast Mini will do the job for you, helping you to provide clean air for your pupils, customers and employees

Clean indoor air quality can have profound benefits


Schools - the Blast air purifier can work in tandem with your mechanical HVAC system and natural ventilation strategy to keep your children safe and happy whilst learning

Air purifiers improve the air quality making your classrooms safer and healthier teaching and learning environments. An air purifier has been proven to:

  • Improve standardised scores

  • Reduce in-class absences

  • Improve concentration levels

  • Improve exam results

  • Reduce outdoor pollutants which will find its way indoors


Air Purifiers can be used with mechanical HVAC systems


A regularly maintained, fresh air (not recirculated) HVAC system is essential to any public building but according to the CDC (the US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention), it can take hours for clean air to be redistributed throughout the building. In the meantime, children and teachers are breathing in polluted air until the air is finally cleaned.


The quick fix for this is more localised air purification - enter the Blast! This powerful air purifier has both a HEPA and Carbon filter which not only helps with mitigating viral spread, it will also reduce pollutants and gases from both indoors and outdoors sources.


Air Purifiers can still work effectively with the windows open

Ventilation is the only solution to reducing CO2 levels in filled classrooms, but if the school is located on a busy road, pollutants from traffic can enter the classroom. Air purifiers work best in a closed environment but test on our purifiers show that they still work with the windows open, but at a reduced capacity. If you are worried about traffic fumes, be sure to check your air purifier has a carbon filter like the Blast. Our video below shows how much smoke it can clear in under 3 minutes.

Blast - front_edited.png

Clean Air


Noise (high)



Powerful and efficient – your lungs will have a “Blast”!

The Blast is our simplest yet most powerful air purifier. It’s a powerful fan and huge HEPA filter  – all packed into one minimalist box.


If you are looking for a quiet, powerful, affordable purifier - meet the Blast! 


Worried about fumes from traffic or wood-smoke?

Our optional carbon filter is filled with activated charcoal.


Watch the Blast units clear the air of smoke in less than 5 minutes

What's in the box?

Airbon is a passive air purifier that removes harmful pollutants, moisture and odours from the air we breathe inside our cars. The stylish wooden box is filled with activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon).


Carbon is ‘activated’ at controlled high temperatures which opens millions of pores that trap and filter impurities from the air while allowing clean air to pass through.

The micropore activated charcoal we use is made from coconut shell which is 3-4 times more effective than other types of charcoal.


And why does this matter? Because the air inside a car can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Toxic fumes can come from the car interior (dashboard, seats, mats etc) and from external sources such as exhaust fumes.


The Airbon natural purifier is 100% natural, non-toxic, recyclable, fragrance-free and safe around children and pets.


Pop your Airbon box on your dashboard and let it start working its magic. You might not think it is doing much but read on to see how much benzene was adsorbed after 4 months of using Airbon. How long it lasts for depends on the age of your car, climate, traffic conditions, urban/rural driving, your cabin filter and whether you allow smoking in your car. After 4-6 months, simply replace with a new Airbon box - so much cheaper than paying for a charcoal cabin filter plus the cost of fitting!


The activated charcoal in our car purifier is super adsorbent, picking up 978ppm of benzene after 4 months use.

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