Frequently asked questions

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How long will the pre-order delivery take?

Our pre-orders are due to arrive in September, possibly earlier. As soon as it arrives, it will be delivered to you. We will let you know when your order is ready to be shipped.

Indoor monitor »

What is the lifespan of the monitors?

The indoor monitors should last around 4-5 years. After this, the sensors will need to be re-calibrated.

I have a USB socket in my car, can I save this data?

Data can only be saved when the device is connected to WiFi, but you can hotspot off your mobile.

I am monitoring data, now what?

Use this data to make health decisions. If the pollution levels are bad outside, close the windows and switch on an air purifier. If you are getting high readings indoors but outdoors is safe, open the windows and/or switch on your air purifier.

Why doesn't it have a longer battery life?

We have tried to keep the costs low and we recognise that most people will use this monitor plugged in. The battery offers limited portability. To extend the life of the battery, we recommended allowing it to charge overnight when you first switch on the device. If you are on the move, you can switch it off when you are not monitoring so you can preserve the battery. Please note that unless you are linked to WiFi, the data on the move will not be recorded.

Where can I use this monitor?

The portable monitor is designed for indoor use (homes and businesses) but can also be used in cars and on the move. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that will give you one hour of use

Why should I pair my indoor monitor with the outdoor monitor?

The value in pairing this monitor with a hyper-local outdoor monitor is that sometimes, high indoor readings are linked to what is going on outside your home rather than inside. For example, high humidity outdoors will result in high humidity indoors and doesn’t mean that you have a moisture problem at home.

Are the indoor and outdoor units designed to be used together or can they be used independently?

The units are designed independently but can be paired. This means if you would like to purchase 2 indoor monitors but only need one outdoor monitor, you can choose to use the second outdoor monitor at another location and simply read this data via the app on your phone.

Outdoor monitor »

Why do I need an outdoor monitor?

In most countries, ambient (outdoor) air quality is measured over a specified averaging period rather than real-time. Defra highlights only ‘LOW air pollution’ in the UK based on ‘Daily ALERT bandings’ for about 330 of 365 days per year. These daily alert levels were set to warn of health risks during major air pollution episodes not day to day exposure to air pollution. This means that it doesn’t represent the health impact of long-term exposure to human-made particle air pollution which is MODERATE or HIGH for many people in cities across the UK. A monitor outside your home, work or school will give you more accurate data of the air quality outside your building.

Where do I connect the outdoor monitor?

The outdoor monitor needs to be plugged in to an outdoor socket or drilled through the wall and then connected to a socket. As it uses a WiFi connection to save the data, it must be close enough to the router to pick up a good signal.

Is there a privacy issue a citizen-led Air Quality Map?

We only pick up data from your outdoor monitor, not your indoor monitor and by using our app, you are authorising us to have access to this data. However, if this is a concern to you, you can choose not to use our app and read the data from your outdoor monitor on your indoor device which has a display screen. The indoor monitor has an SD micro-card reader so data can be downloaded here for further analysis.

I have an air purifier with a built-in AQ monitor. Can I just purchase the outdoor monitor?

Currently, we are not selling the outdoor monitor separately. We tend to find that the data sensors in AQ monitors built into air purifiers are of poor quality, so we always recommend independently testing the air quality in your home or business.

What is the lifespan of the outdoor monitor?

The outdoor monitors should last around 2 years. After this, the sensors will need to be re-calibrated.

AQI app »

How do I export the data for analysis?

You can export a CSV file onto a micro-SD card (indoor monitor) or download it from the app dashboard.

How much data can I access?

The basic version of the app gives you 30 days rolling of data. If you wish to save all your data, please set a reminder every month to export your data via the app dashboard or save on a micro SD-card.

What is included in the premium version of the app?

For businesses, we offer a premium version of the app which allows you to do the following:

  • QR code so customers/employees can scan to check the AQI data
  • Widgets for selected data on a TV screen or website
  • Access to historical data and the ability to compare data across multiple devices
  • Some of our AQ monitors can send APIs which can switch on your HVAC system when the data triggers it (enquire for further information)

Why does it link to the US AQI readings rather than UK?

Most of the monitors sold in the UK will link to the US AQI although increasingly, you will see links to the AQI in China or India.